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NEEDTOBREATHE - Rivers in the Wasteland '2014

Rivers in the Wasteland
ArtistNEEDTOBREATHE Related artists
Album name Rivers in the Wasteland
Date 2014
Play time 45:42
Format / Bitrate 24 BIT Stereo 1420 Kbps / 44.1 kHz
Media CD
Size 524 MB
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„Rivers In The Wasteland“ is the follow up to their acclaimed album
The Reckoning, which saw the band spend over two years on the road in support of
a collection of anthemic rock that caught the attention of The New York Times,
NPR, Entertainment Weekly and USA Today.

Weve come through some rough moments and some amazing moments, says guitarist &
vocalist Bo Rinehart. Were the most energized weve ever been. The band is young
again. Weve got a new sense of purpose and we believe in what were doing. We
just fell back in love with the idea of what we get to do.

Rivers In The Wasteland - the sound of a band excited to reconnect with the idea
of a fresh start, and featuring Difference Maker, Multiplied, The Heart, and
Brother - was co-produced by the band with the help of various producers
including Joe Chiccarelli, Kevin Augunas, Ed Cash and Jerrod Bettis, and was
recorded at the bands own Plantation Studios in Charleston, Fairfax Recordings
(formally Sound City Studios) in Los Angeles and Blackbird Studios in Nashville.

„Rivers In The Wasteland is not entirely refreshing and new, but if were
going along with the analogy the album title implies, it certainly is a soothing
drink of water for ears parched from plenty other pretentious music out there.
The music makes you sway; the lyrics make you think. Feet, Dont Fail Me Now is
bound to be a crowd-pleaser. My personal favorite is The Heart - it just makes
me want to reach for my cajón and ukulele-guitalele-playing roommates and jam
along. With the ending track More Heart, Less Attack, I cant help but think that
thats exactly what the album achieved. Good job, boys.“ (Carmen Monoxide,

Bear Rinehart, guitar, lead vocals
Bo Rinehart, guitar, background vocals
Seth Bolt, bass, background vocals
Josh Lovelace, keyboards, background vocals

01. NEEDTOBREATHE - Wasteland (4:32)
02. NEEDTOBREATHE - State Im In (3:20)
03. NEEDTOBREATHE - Feet, Dont Fail Me Now (3:45)
04. NEEDTOBREATHE - Oh, Carolina (3:26)
05. NEEDTOBREATHE - Difference Maker (5:41)
06. NEEDTOBREATHE - Rise Again (3:20)
07. NEEDTOBREATHE - The Heart (3:45)
08. NEEDTOBREATHE - Where the Money Is (3:24)
09. NEEDTOBREATHE - Multiplied (4:38)
10. NEEDTOBREATHE - Brother (4:51)
11. NEEDTOBREATHE - More Heart, Less Attack (5:02)