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Muslimgauze - Live '2021

ArtistMuslimgauze Related artists
Album name Live
Date 2021
Play time 01:03:19
Format / Bitrate 24 BIT Stereo 1420 Kbps / 44.1 kHz
Media CD
Size 632 mb (+3\%rec.)
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Tracks list

Muslimgauze occupied a strange place in the musical world. He was a powerful,
prolific innovator, releasing albums that were alternately beautiful and
visceral, full of ambient electronics, polyrhythmic drumming and all kinds of
voices and sound effects. The recordings earned him a devoted following in
underground, experimental and industrial music circles worldwide.


01. Live at Stubnitz 22-06-97 (12:27)
02. Live at Stubnitz 22-06-97 (4:36)
03. Live at Stubnitz 22-06-97 (12:45)
04. Live at Stubnitz 13-06-98 (22:01)
05. Live at Stubnitz 22-06-97 (8:01)
06. Live at Stubnitz 22-06-97 (3:28)