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Ben Lukas Boysen - Siren Songs '2021

Siren Songs
ArtistBen Lukas Boysen Related artists
Album name Siren Songs
Date 2021
Play time 53:16
Format / Bitrate 24 BIT Stereo 2429 Kbps / 96 kHz
Media WEB
Size 246; 912 MB
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Tracks list

Ben Lukas Boysen brings us the original score for Siren Songs — an
unrealised dystopian adventure game for the Oculus Rift.
Guiding the listener through a cold imagined world, Boysen has created something
unearthly, while drawing inspiration from the current days.
“I thought about a highly digitalised world, a rather overexposed version
of the world we do live in already in some aspects, but much more sinister; dark
with very little human touch left, but not totally gone. The soundtrack needed
to reflect this cold existence yet have traces of redemption left in it.”

1.01 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Siren Songs (Theme) (2:45)
1.02 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Fractional Felonies (6:16)
1.03 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Solomons Lair (5:34)
1.04 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Siren Song (Echo) (6:13)
1.05 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Wisdom of Crowds (10:17)
1.06 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Watched (2:16)
1.07 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Underpass (4:57)
1.08 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Zero Pointers (5:02)
1.09 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Big Sys (5:55)
1.10 - Ben Lukas Boysen - Siren Songs (4:02)

Ben Lukas Boysen