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Vivian Green - Discography '2002-2017

ArtistVivian Green Related artists
Album name Discography
Date 2002-2017
Play time 5:04:19
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MP3 320 Kbps
Media CD
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Green released her debut album, A Love Story, in 2002. The album was certified
Gold and featured the hits Emotional Rollercoaster and “Fanatic.”
She followed it up with her sophomore album, in 2005, Vivian, which featured the
hit singles, “Gotta Go, Gotta Leave (Tired)” and I Like it But I
Don’t Need It. Green sold close to 800,000 between the two releases. Ms.
Green also has a well-earned reputation as a riveting live performer, and has
shared stages with such artists as Maxwell, Teena Marie, Betty Wright, Chaka
Khan, Q-Tip, Anthony Hamilton, and Common.

Vivian portrayed Billie Holiday in the Cole Porter biopic Delovely, and appeared
in the ABC series “American Dreams” as Brenda Holloway, and
performed Holloway’s classic Motown song “Every Little Bit

She also wrote Dear God for Boyz II Men for their platinum-selling album
Evolution and wrote the music for David E. Talberts popular all-star stage play
Love in the Nick of Tyme, which debuted in 2007.

Studio albums
Vivian Green - A Love Story (2002)
Vivian Green - Vivian (2005)
Vivian Green - Beautiful (2010)
Vivian Green - The Green Room (2012)
Vivian Green - Vivid (2015)
Vivian Green - V G V I (2017)

 2002 A Love Story
01. Wishful Thinking (Album Version)
02. 24 Hour Blue (Just One Of Those Days) (Album Version)
03. Superwoman (Album Version)
04. What Is Love? (Album Version)
05. Music (Album Version)
06. Emotional Rollercoaster
07. Final Hour (Album Version)
08. No Sittin By The Phone (Album Version)
09. Affected (Album Version)
10. Fanatic (Album Version)
11. Aint Nothing But Love (Album Version)
12. Be Good To You (Album Version)
13. Complete (Album Version)
14. Keep On Going (Album Version)

2005 Vivian
01. Wish We Could Go Back (Album Version)
02. Mad (Album Version)
03. Frustrated (Album Version)
04. Damn (Album Version)
05. Selfish (Album Version)
06. Under My Skin (Album Version)
07. I Like It (But I Dont Need It) (Album Version)
08. Sweet Memory (Beautifully Young) (Album Version)
09. Gotta Go Gotta Leave (Tired) (Album Version)
10. Perfect Decision (Album Version)
11. All About Us (Album Version)
12. Sweet Thing (Album Version)
13. Cursed (Album Version)
14. Outro (Family & Friends) (Album Version)
15. Fanatic (Scott Storch Remix)
16. I Like It (But I Dont Need It) (Poker Face Remix)

2010 Beautiful
01. Beautiful
02. When Were Apart
03. I Know How…
04. Better Man (skit)
05. Better Man
06. Save Me
07. Too Intense
08. Somewhere
09. Caught Up
10. Search Is Over
11. So Far Gone
12. Jordans Song
13. One Of None

2012 The Green Room
01. Remedy
02. Anything Out There
03. X (feat. Freeway)
04. Free As a Bird
05. Im Not Prepared
06. Forever
07. Supposed to Be Mine
08. When Can I See You Again
09. Still Here (feat. Brian Culbertson)
10. Heaven
11. Faith
12. Light the Universe (feat. Algebra Blessett, Treena Ferebee, Laurin Talese &
Leah Smith)

2015 Vivid
01. Vivid (Jordans Intro) [feat. Jordan Green]
02. The One That Got Away
03. Grown Folks Music (Work)
04. Im Not Broken
05. All I Want Is You. (feat. Raheem Devaughn)
06. Get Right Back to My Baby
07. 123
08. The Interlude With Cayman Kelly
09. Disrespectful
10. Just Like Fools
11. Count Your Blessings (feat. Treena Ferebee)
12. Leave It All Behind
13. Outro

2017 V G V I
01. Overtrure
02. Vibes
03. Promise
04. I Dont Know
05. Thats What Love Can Do
06. The 1st Time (Again)
07. Happy With You
08. Just Like Just Like Fools (Revisited) [feat. Musiq Soulchild]
09. Chances
10. Mutual Feelings (feat. Charisa the Violin Diva)
11. Supa Dope Fresh Beat Show
12. Sunglasses
13. Stop Sleeping (See the Light)

Vivian Green