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Dave Brubeck - Classical Brubeck '2003

Classical Brubeck
ArtistDave Brubeck Related artists
Album name Classical Brubeck
Country SACD, SACD-60621-A, US
Date 2003
Play time 00:56:51
Format DSD / .ISO image
Media SACD
Size 3940.97 Mb
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  • Hi-Res 24-bit | upto 96 kHz
Hi-Res 24-bit | upto 96 kHz
01. Abba Father
02. Eli
03. Rabboni
04. Pange Lingua
05. I. Sing my tongue sing
06. Nobis datus
07. II. To us in given
08. In supremae
09. III. Thus on the night
10. Verbum caro
11. IV. The word made flesh
12. Tantum Ergo
13. V. Let us bow down
14. Brass Chorale
15. Meditation
16. Bow down
17. Interlude
18. VI. Praise to the Father!

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