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Mad River - Paradise Bar And Grill '1969

Paradise Bar And Grill
ArtistMad River Related artists
Album name Paradise Bar And Grill
Date 1969
GenreCountry Rock
Play time 00:38:32
Format / Bitrate 24 BIT FLAC Stereo 5919 Kbps / 44.1 kHz
Media CD
Size 1642.98 Mb
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  • Hi-Res 24-bit | upto 96 kHz
Hi-Res 24-bit | upto 96 kHz
1. Harfy Magnum
2. Paradise Bar And Grill
3. Love's Not The Way To Treat A Friend
5. Copper Plates
6. Equinox
7. Thet Brought Sadness
8. Revolution's In My Pockets
9. Academy Cemetery
10. Cherokee Queen

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Mad River