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Suicide Watch - Figure Head Of Pain '2009

Figure Head Of Pain
ArtistSuicide Watch Related artists
Album name Figure Head Of Pain
Date 2009
GenreThrash Metal
Play time 01:10:57
Format / BitrateFLAC Stereo 894 Kbps / 44.1 kHz
MP3 320 Kbps
Media CD
Size 460.08 Mb
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  • Quality
  • CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
Figure Head Of Pain
Death Support System
This Cursed Earth
Stare Not Into The Abyss
Make No Mistake
Hell In Reverse
Within These Walls
Words Written in Blood
Death Becomes Us
Hero Of A Thousand Faces
Fuck You And Your God
Hate In Motion
Dig Your Own Grave (Sacrilege cover)
Caffeine Pills And Surgical Tape (Instrumental)
Live at the Harlow Square (2005)

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Suicide Watch