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Disgorge - Chronic Corpora Infest '1998

Chronic Corpora Infest
ArtistDisgorge Related artists
Album name Chronic Corpora Infest
Date 1998
GenreBrutal Death Metal
Play time 01:01:29
Format / BitrateFLAC Stereo 857 Kbps / 44.1 kHz
MP3 320 Kbps
Media CD
Size 478.29 Mb
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  • Quality
  • CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
- The Vile Sores In Urticariothrocisism Goulashed Decrepitance
- Stygmatodermuropyanephrosism On Impetiginose Urogenism
- Faecalized
- Rancid Bowel Sarcoma
- In The Acro Cianotyc Post Clonning Ectopysm
- Lymphatic Orgy In A Ulcerated Incubation
- Viscose Oseal Fibroma
- Gribbled Maggotized Pregnant Inside Into A Fetid Renal Sarna
- Pedophilamorphia Of Excreachollemical Endolapse
Urethrive Decortico Xantomatose Muco Gesta
- Stygmatodermuropyanephrosism On Impetiginose Urogenism
- Grotesque Devourment
- Monument To My Remains

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