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Vaya Con Dios - The Very Best '1996

The Very Best
ArtistVaya Con Dios
Album name The Very Best
Date 1996
Play time 01:16:28
Format / Bitrate FLAC 800 Kbps
MP3 320 Kbps
Media CD
Size 444.04 Mb
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Track list

1.Don't Cry for Louie(Schoovaerts, D/Klein, Dani/Schoufs, Dick) 3:05
2.Nah Nah Nah(Klein, D/Schoufs, Dirk) 2:55
3.What's a Woman?(Klein, D/Schoufs, Dirk) 3:56
4.Don't Break My Heart(Klein, D) 4:27
5.Time Flies(Klein, D) 3:42
6.Just a Friend of Mine(Lambregt, W/Schoovaerts, D) 3:26
7.Something's Got a Hold on Me(James, Etta/Kirkland, Leroy/Woods, Pearl) 2:39
8.Forever Blue(Klein, D) 3:58
9.Far Gone Now(Schoovaerts, D/Schoufs, Dirk) 3:13
10.Puerto Rico(Schoovaerts, D/Schoufs, Dirk) 4:24
11.Farewell Song(Klein, D) 3:13
12.Sold My Soul(Schoufs, Dirk) 3:45
13.I Don't Want to Know(Klein, D/Schoufs, Dirk) 3:34
14.Heading for a Fall(Klein, D) 3:42
15.Quand Elle Rit aux Eclats(Klein, D) 3:48
16.Lord Help Me Please(Balff, U/Wuys, F) 3:25
17.Mothers and Daughters(Klein, D) 2:33
18.Evening of Love(Klein, D) 3:48
19.Johnny(Les Paul/Lemarque, Francis) 2:22
20.Sunny Days(Wayts, F/Klein, D) 3:27
21.Night Owls(Klein, D/Schoufs, Dirk) 3:59
22.So Long Ago(Klein, D) 2:56

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