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Philadelphia Orchestra, Yannick Nezet-Seguin, The - Bernstein: Mass (Live) '2018

Bernstein: Mass (Live)
ArtistPhiladelphia Orchestra, Yannick Nezet-Seguin, The Related artists
Album name Bernstein: Mass (Live)
Date 2018
Play time 01:47:39
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MP3 320 Kbps
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I. Devotions Before Mass-1. Antiphon: Kyrie Eleison
I. Devotions Before Mass-2. Hymn And Psalm: "A Simple Song"
I. Devotions Before Mass-3. Responsory: Alleluia
II. First Introit -1. Prefatory Prayers
II. First Introit -2. Thrice-Triple Canon: Dominum Vobiscum
III. Second Introit-1. In Nomine Patris
III. Second Introit-2. Prayer For The Congregation
III. Second Introit-3. Epiphany
IV. Confession-1. Confiteor
IV. Confession-2. Trope: "I Don't Know"
IV. Confession-3. Trope: "Easy"
12. Bernstein: Mass-V. Meditation #1
VI. Gloria-1. Gloria Tibi
VI. Gloria-2. Gloria In Excelsis
VI. Gloria-3. Trope: "Half Of The People"
VI. Gloria-4. Trope: "Thank You"
17. Bernstein: Mass-VII. Meditation #2
18. Bernstein: Mass-VIII. Epistle: "The Word Of The Lord"
19. Bernstein: Mass-IX. Gospel-Sermon: "God Said"
X. Credo-1. Credo In Unum Deum
X. Credo-2. Trope: "Non Credo"
X. Credo-3. Trope: "Hurry"
X. Credo-4. Trope: "World Without End"-Et In Spiritum Sanctum
X. Credo-5. Trope: "I Believe In God"
25. Bernstein: Mass-XI. Meditation #3
26. Bernstein: Mass-XII. Offertory
XIII. The Lord's Prayer-1. "Our Father..."
XIII. The Lord's Prayer-2. Trope: "I Go On"
29. Bernstein: Mass-XIV. Sanctus
XV. Agnus Dei-a. "Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi"
XV. Agnus Dei-b. "Dona nobis, nobis pacem, pacem dona"
XVI. Fraction: "Things Get Broken"-a. "Pacem! Pacem! Pa... cem!"
XVI. Fraction: "Things Get Broken"-b. "... Quiet..."
XVI. Fraction: "Things Get Broken"-c. Allegro furioso-"Why Are You Waiting?"
XVI. Fraction: "Things Get Broken"-d. "God... Said..."
XVI. Fraction: "Things Get Broken"-e. "Oh I Suddenly Feel Ev’ry Step I’ve Ever Taken"
XVII. Pax: Communion-A. Prestissimo A Piacere
XVII. Pax: Communion-B. "Sing God A Secret Song"
XVII. Pax: Communion-C. "Almighty Father"

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Philadelphia Orchestra, Yannick Nezet-Seguin, The