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Judas Iscariot - To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding '2002

To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding
ArtistJudas Iscariot
Album name To Embrace The Corpses Bleeding
Date 2002
GenreBlack Metal
Play time 00:38:15
Format / Bitrate FLAC 924 Kbps
MP3 320 Kbps
Media CD
Size 273.99 Mb
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Track list

1. (00:06:21) Judas Iscariot - I Awoke To A Night Of Pain And Carnage
2. (00:03:21) Judas Iscariot - Bathed In Clouds Of Blood
3. (00:03:45) Judas Iscariot - Terror From The Eastern Sky
4. (00:04:13) Judas Iscariot - Where Eagles Cry And Vultures Laugh
5. (00:06:40) Judas Iscariot - In The Valley Of Death, I Am Their King
6. (00:04:28) Judas Iscariot - With Lust And Murder For Our Drink
7. (00:03:50) Judas Iscariot - Behold The Lamb Of God Descending
8. (00:02:44) Judas Iscariot - Spectral Dance Of The Macabre
9. (00:02:53) Judas Iscariot - The Dead Burst Forth From Their Tombs

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