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Idlewild - Blarney Pilgrim '1997

Blarney Pilgrim
ArtistIdlewild Related artists
Album name Blarney Pilgrim
Date 1997
Play time 01:09:57
Format / Bitrate Stereo 1420 Kbps / 44.1 kHz
MP3 320 Kbps
Media CD
Size 180/385 Mb
PriceDownload $3.95
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Tracks list


01. The Blarney Pilgrim (Irish Trad.)
02. Abergeny (Welsh Trad.)
03. Pity the Poor Laborers (Scottish Song)
04. Merrily kiss the Quaker's wife (Irish Jig)
05. The Hookspace Waltz (Swedish Trad.)
06. The Star of the County Down (Irish Song)
07. The Echoes of Killarney (Irish Jig)
08. Ductia (English Trad.)
09. Cottilon de Ancien (French Trad.)
10. Down by the Sally Gardens (Irish Song)
11. The Rakes of Mallow (Irish Reel)
12. The Lakes of Ponchartrain (Cajun Trad.)
13. The Killarney Boys of Pleasure (Irish Trad.)
14. Botany Bay (Irish Song)
15. Innishear (Irish air)
16. Cobbler's Jig (English Trad.)
17. Ta mo chleamnas deanta (Irish Song)
18. Hungarian Dance (Jacob Paix 1601)
19. Hindeg (Welsh air)
20. The Black Velvet Band (Irish Song)
21. The Barrack Hill Jig (Irish Jig)
22. Bulbous (Yiddish Song)
23. Thugamar fien an Samraidh linn (Irish air)
24. All the way to Barna (Irish Trad.)
25. Rosin the Beau (Irish Song)
26. Follow me down to Carlow (Irish March)
27. Erddigan Y Droell (Robert ap Huw MS 1613)
28. Molly on the Banks of the Ban (Irish air)
29. Mari's Wedding (Scottish Song)
30. Our Ship did Sail (Manx air)
31. Trugnala Rumjana (Bulgarian lesnoto)
32. Les Bouffons (Thinot Arbeau - circa 1558)
33. Three little Drummers/The Rakes of Kildare (Irish Jigs)