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Various Artists - BD Music Presents: Alfred Hitchcock '2015

BD Music Presents: Alfred Hitchcock
ArtistVarious Artists Related artists
Album name BD Music Presents: Alfred Hitchcock
Date 2015
Play time 02:22:56
Format / BitrateFLAC Stereo 731 Kbps / 44.1 kHz
MP3 320 Kbps
Media WEB
Size 595.48 Mb
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  • MP3 320 kbps
  • CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
MP3 320 kbps
1. Hitchcock Speaks
2. We Are Booking This Man for Robbery Lieutenant
3. Better Stick to the Truth - What There Is of It
4. Obviously I Am in the Wrong Place
5. Rooftop
6. Scotty Tails Madeline
7. Carlotta's Portrait
8. Is She Pretty-
9. I Love You Madeline - Murder
10. You and I Know Who Killed Madeline
11. I Don't Think Mozart Is Gonna Help
12. The Confession - Dear Scotty
13. Scotty
14. Taxi
15. Allo Mother, That Was Mother
16. I Think I'd Like to Meet These Killers
17. How Long Will He Stay Alive-
18. I Know Exactly What You Mean
19. Don't Get on That Plane
20. I Know but I Am Sentimental
21. Taking the Rest of the Afternoon Off
22. Shup Up!
23. Murder in a Shower
24. Just in Case They Do Suspect Me
25. Funeral March of a Marionette
26. What Are the 39 Steps
27. Main Theme
28. Main Theme - We Mustn't Be Depressed About It - No One Can Like the Drummer Man (From
-Young & Innocent-)
29. Main Theme - What's Happening to England- - Final Scene
30. Main Theme
31. Main Theme
32. Main Theme - The Best Way to Commit a Murder
33. Main Theme
34. Main Theme - After All Murder Should Be an Art - Mouvement perpetuel #1
35. Main Theme - We Are Not Inclined to Accept the Obvious as Being Obvious (From -Stage
36. The Laziest Gal in Town
37. Main Theme - Let's Say You'd Like to Get Rid of Your Wife - The Band Played On (From
-Strangers on a Train-)
38. A Man Who Had a Goat - You Don't Mind If I Borrow Your Neck- (From -Strangers on a
39. Main Theme - You Are as Guilty as I Am
40. Main Theme
41. Darling It's Me
42. Main Theme - Nothing Has Caused the Human Race so Much Trouble as Intelligence

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